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award season/billy’s film list 2010 (BOLD type post GGlobes comments) 1.17 MLK 2011

ghost writer



inception (visual effects, strictly..)

exit through the gift shop (why no Best Doc category? HFPA too pedestrian, I mean Gervais was right on “The Tourist,” two Depp nominations, then Giamatti wins?)

shutter island

127 hours (franco carried this, but don’t think he’ll score Best Actor yet..)

true grit (was this released too late for GG nomination or totally ignored like “get low?,” wtf?)

black swan (glad aronofsky passed on “fighter” better handled by russell, and campy-sadistic “black swan,” that much more compelling than solely Portman’s feted, GG win, and performance)

mother (more Korean cinema, post “Host”)

carlos (nice to see Assayas recognized)

dogtooth (Greek homeschooling;)

get low (where was this HFPA?)

social network (overkill, but score, visual style, screenplay solid)

fair game

let me in

+the fighter (david o russell rescued this film along with Christian Bale’s performance that rivaled “American Psycho,” “Rescue Dawn,” (this and “Bad Lieutenant,” except for “My Brother, My Brother,” lend credibility to Herzog’s Fictional Feature pursuits) and “The Machinist.”


the crazies

other guys

piranha 3D (best use of 3D, and not added in Post-Post Production, can’t wait for gratuitous Part 2)

—-and for TV, sorry it’s HBO, “Boardwalk Empire,” for marginalizing middling “Mad Men” and praising a refreshingly modest Steve Buscemi.


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